Chairmans Statement

The British Metal Tube Fittings Association (BMTFA) is a trade association representing the interests of suppliers and manufacturers of metal tube and fittings that are used in the HVAC,mechanical engineering industries,Food,Petrochemical,Marine,Power and many more industries that use metal products for conveying all types of liquids and gases.
The focus on Technical matters continues to this day to ensure the quality of all products supplied in or imported into the UK satisfy the specifications of the UK,European, and world markets.
Membership is open to UK-based manufacturers and distributors of metal tubes,fittings and associated products used in their installation.

The BMTFA was established in 1933 in an attempt to match demand to supply in a very fragmented market for malleable fittings . There were a large number of distributors who varied from one  branch owner managed businesses to multi branch companies.

There were also a number of manufacturers of various sizes who needed to plan their production. Hence the BMTFA was formed to ensure a regular reliable supply chain to the market.

Technical teams from the members worked  with the respective legislations in particular the  BSI (British Standards Institute) to produce specifications that protected the quality of the fittings for the UK market. Consultants, Installers and Architects could use these specifications and be sure of the quality of the products supplied.

The focus on Technical matters continues to this day to ensure the quality of the products supplied and imported into the UK satisfies the specifications of the UK, European and World markets.

The nature of the association has gradually changed over the years as both distributors and manufacturers consolidated and the demand for products changed. As can be seen  this has meant the Association has widened the scope of products included in its constitution and the members and industries it serves.

Membership is open to manufacturers , and distributors  who are UK based or have wholly owned subsidiary companies based in the UK. Membership is available to companies who manufacture and distribute Metal Tube ,Fittings  and associated products used in their installation.

The association provides statistical information on UK , European and Global markets combined with Marketing ,Technical ,Education ,and Training support. The BMTFA also hold regular meetings with active working groups on issues covering Legislation , Environmental , Applications , Installation methods ,Health and Safety on Handling ,Delivery and Storage of linear product and large size fittings an flanges.

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