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British Metal Tubes
and Fittings Association

This portal is designed to offer guidance on the specification, installation, operation and maintenance of all types of metal tubes and fittings used in building and industrial services applications.
The site has been developed by representatives of the leading manufacturers and distributors of these products in order to develop further market knowledge, increase awareness and encourage best practice amongst users.
MagnifyTechnical Database Search Function
The technical database search function is not intended as a design tool, but to provide guidance regarding the possible selection options for tube materials and fittings types for given example applications.
For a particular system, the search function can be used to select an appropriate combination of tubes and fittings that are typically available within the UK market, and then allows you to choose from a list of possible suppliers for these products, or who to contact if you required additional supporting information or confirmation of product suitability.
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The British Metal Tubes and Fittings Association (BMTFA) currently represents the interests of over 20 of the UK’s leading manufactures’ and distributors of metal tubes and fittings, primarily for building and industrial services applications. Membership is open to any relevant manufacturers and distributors who are UK based or have wholly owned subsidiary companies based in the UK.
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