Updated BMTFA pipework information

Date Added 02/08/2022

The BMTFA Technical Committee has updated it information pack on the suitability of dual-certified carbon steel tubes under UK/European legislation. The BMTFA industry information pack now contains addition information, including the application of Sound Engineering Practice (SEP) and when different tube diameters within system pipework fall under the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED -2014/68/EU) ("the Directive")

Unlike BS EN10217-1 TR2 Grades and BS EN10217-2 GH Grades, all BS EN10217-1 TR1 Grades are no longer acceptable for use in applications under the PED, which was implemented into UK law by the Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016. This is because TR1 grades do not meet the essential requirements of that Directive in respect of ageing (determined by the chemical composition) or ductility (specified as minimum Charpy impact requirements).

Therefore, it is important to understand the technical differences between products and the applicable standards, legislation, or regulations being applied.  This will help, to ensure that steel tubes of appropriate type, grade and technical delivery conditions and standards are specified or selected for the application(s) concerned.

If you require the old version of the industrial guidance for comparison, please contact Technical with your request.

Information pack disclaimer: While care has been taken to ensure that information supplied within this document is accurate, members of the BMTFA accept no responsibility or liability arising from any  for errors or for information contained in this guidance.  Our primary concern is to ensure that products comply with the applicable standards and users ensure that the products are fit-for-purpose. Our technical focus is to ensure the quality of all products supplied in or imported into the UK satisfy the specifications of the UK markets.  However, before relying on any guidance or information which the BMTFA supply, the recipient should satisfy themselves of the accuracy and appropriateness of the guidance and information. They should also satisfy themselves as to the suitability of products for the intended application and associated operating conditions and/or any relevant regulatory or legislative requirements that may apply (please refer to our Terms and Conditions for additional details).

Download the pack here.