Conex Bänninger is a leading manufacturer of high quality plumbing fittings, valves and accessories. Our innovative solutions make us a brand leader in markets around the globe.

With headquarters in the UK, our worldwide customer base is served by technologically advanced production and distribution facilities in Europe, supported by a global network of commercial offices.

The company’s roots can be traced to the founding in 1909 of the original Bänninger factory in Germany and, shortly after, the establishment in England of Conex-Sanbra, the two eventually coming together to form the modern, progressive Conex Bänninger of today.


Conex Bänninger manufactures a wide range of fittings for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, serving customers in plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration and medical businesses.

Designed for use with copper, carbon, plastic and stainless steel components, our product portfolio extends across established ‘traditional’ brands, such as Conex Compression and Triflow, with its integral solder ring, to the innovative >B< Press and >B< MaxiPro flame-free press fittings.

The >B< Press system has the benefit of a 3-point press that provides a secure, permanent leak free joint. It also has a leak-before-press indicator, designed to leak at low pressures to highlight any joints that remain unpressed.

Our award-winning >B< MaxiPro ACR product is designed specifically for the higher operating pressures, up to 48 bar, found in air conditioning and refrigeration applications, and is a market leader.

As mechanical jointing solutions, both >B< Press and >B< MaxiPro negate the need for a hot works permit and are quicker, safer and easier to install than using a brazing method.

During our 110 years of innovation and excellence, Conex Bänninger has produced more than 22 billion fittings.

Alongside our standard fittings production, our dedicated OEM division specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke fabrications and assemblies. These are specified for some of the world’s largest OEMs, including leading domestic and commercial boiler manufacturers in the UK.

Customer support

As part of the IBP Group, our international resources include world-class manufacturing centres, extensive research and development facilities, and the expertise of employees based around the globe.

We are an ISO 9001 Quality Assured company registered with the BSI, and are committed to providing high quality products and support to our customers, including the best technical, sales and customer support.