Georg Fischer dates back to 1802 when the 29 year old Johann Conrad Fischer bought a water-driven mill near Schaffhausen (Switzerland). He used the mill as a copper smelting plant and works for developing new alloys. In 1864, the company began the commercial manufacture of malleable cast iron fittings (cast pipe connectors), and in 1903 the GF trademark, with its characteristic crosses representing stylized fittings, was officially registered.

Today the company is a global operation with a UK sales, distribution and fabrication base in Coventry.


GF Piping Systems boasts over 60,000 products for diverse applications and specialized markets, jointing technology, fittings, valves, measuring devices and pipes are used for water conveyance and treatment as well as the transport of liquids and gases for industrial purposes.

Due to their long history and tradition malleable cast iron fittings are the most common (widest spread) pipe fittings. Because of their durability and mechanical strength these fittings continuously enjoy great popularity. The material having a high mechanical stress together with the universal standardized jointing method ensures a safe use in a wide range of applications.


As a global player, GF Piping Systems offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions for diverse applications – all from one source. They also offer engineering services, from design calculations to manufacture and assembly, as well as fast and reliable delivery. Their value added services offering includes support with planning, online CAD / BIM libraries, performance calculators and training on and off site.

GF guarantee top quality by focusing on maximum reliability and safety in all their applications. Experienced and carefully trained employees ensure that products and pipeline systems are developed and manufactured on the basis of all relevant standards and specifications.

All production companies as well as most sale companies of GF Piping Systems are certified to ISO 9001;2015. This means that an active quality management system ensures that all business processes run in a stable way and are continuously monitored and improved.