Pegler is well known and respected as one of the leading manufacturers of advanced plumbing, heating and engineering products in the world. It's a reputation earned through a total dedication to quality, innovation and customer service that's been the hallmark of the company since it was established in the 1890’s.

Our success has been derived from a commitment to a philosophy based on quality, service, investment, competitiveness and innovation. Energy and water conservation is very much at the forefront of our product development.

Pegler is part of the Integrated Piping Systems Division of Aalberts N.V.


Peglers' unique Integrated Piping System brings together valves, fitting and pipes in one complete pipe-work system, with an emphasis on delivering heat free jointing. IPS combines the best elements of modern connection and valve technology, with international quality approvals and cost effective solutions for every project.

Our range includes the following connection technologies:

  • VSH Tectite Push
  • VSH XPress thin wall Press
  • VSH PowerPress thick wall Press
  • VSH Shurjoint Groove
  • VSH MultiPress Multilayer
  • Kuterlite and Prestex Compression
  • Yorkshire and Endex Capillary


Pegler have significant UK manufacturing and stockholding, and it’s reassuring to know we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll help you through the early stages of the design process by utilising our extensive range of BIM models to ensure the right choice of materials and jointing systems are used. We’ll prepare a valve quote / sizing schedule to help you carry out a costing appraisal and achieve best value. To give you further reassurance, we also provide design commentary covering expansion, contraction and commissionability of the system to ensure maximum performance.

We offer training on site, online and at our Doncaster facility.  Furthermore with our technical support desk and our warranty plus programme we can provide water treatment, commissioning and extended system warranties up to 25 years for total peace of mind.  So don’t just buy products buy solutions.